Prof. David Patterson is a new member of the UCSB physics faculty, and started in Santa Barbara in fall 2017.   When he is not in the lab, he can be found in the nearest machine shop, or enjoying the outdoors almost any way possible.


Aaron Calvin is our resident postdoc. Aaron joined in summer 2018 and brings his extensive ion trapping experience and good cheer to the lab.

Graduate students

Lincoln Satterthwaite knows our microwave spectrometer inside out. Previously a lab tech in the group, he joined as a grad student in the fall of 2019 to build the supercell.

Merrell Brzeczek joined the group in fall of 2021 and works on the ion trap in collaborating with Prof. Andrew Jayich’s group. 

Samuel Kresch works on the ion trap. Joining the group initially as an undergraduate in the winter of 2022 he has stayed on the team for his doctoral studies.  

Undergraduate students

  • Elijah Lane – Works on the ion trap.
  • Desi Hawkins – Works on the microwave experiment.

Former researchers


  • Mariyam Fatima – Visiting postdoc from Cologne, Germany. 

Graduate Students:

  • Zeyun Peng – Worked on the ion trap
  • Scott Eierman – Worked on the ion trap
  • Greta Koumarianou – Worked on the microwave spectroscopy experiment

Undergraduate Students:

  • Daniel Sorensen – Now a PhD Student at CU Boulder / NIST
  • Ben Riley – Now a PhD Student at Columbia 
  • Yael Brynjegard-Bialik
  • Billy Murphy
  • Tristan Richmond
  • RJ Sedlik – Now a PhD Student at UCSD
  • Irene Wang – Now an Operator at SLAC
  • Jerry Yan
  • Ce Pei
  • Simon Gan
  • Lia Yeh – Now a PhD Student at Oxford
  • Luca Scharrer
  • Matthew Capocci
  • Kaelin Spencer
  • Dylan Finestone – Now a Scientist at HRL Laboratories
  • Devin Thatcher

Lab Technicians:

  • James Stadler 

We are actively recruiting members!  Please feel free to contact us.