Downloadable molecular spectra

Today, we are recording spectra faster than we can analyze them.  Feel free to explore this ever-growing dataset.  If there is a molecule you would like to see, by all means contact us.  pdf format is provided for quick previews only – we strongly recommend viewing the raw .csv data, or the MATLAB figures if you have access to MATLAB.  All frequencies are in MHz. The Y axis is arbitrary but consistent between spectra.

benzodiazepine (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
diethylether (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
fluorobenzene (.csv, .pdf)
isoprene (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
myrtenol (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
orange extract (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
p-xylene (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
teatree oil (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
menthone (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
formaldehyde (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
frankincense(.csv, .pdf.fig)
isobutyl alcohol (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
isopropanol (.csv.pdf.fig)
lavander oil (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
rosemary oil (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
1-butanol (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
1-pentanol(.csv, .pdf, .fig)
4-ethylguaiacol (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
1,2-propanediol (.csv, .pdf.fig)
acetone (.csv, .pdf,.fig)
alpha pinene (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
benzyl alcohol (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
ethylene glycol (.csv.pdf.fig)
ethanol (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
hexanal (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
lemon oil (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
methyl formate (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
peppermint oil (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
benzaldehyde (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
cinnamaldehyde (.csv, .pdf, .fig)
myrtenal (.csv, .pdf, .fig)