The Patterson group is only recently independent (September 2015).  A complete list of Dr. Patterson’s publications can be found on Google Scholar 

Nondestructive inelastic recoil spectroscopy of a single molecular ion: A versatile tool toward precision action spectroscopy Aaron Calvin, Scott Eierman, Zeyun Peng, Merrell Brzeczek, Samuel Kresch, Elijah Lane, Lincoln Satterthwaite, and David Patterson. Physical Reviw A, December 21, 2023. A new method of non-destructive, rotationally resolved single molecule spectroscopy.

Single molecule infrared spectroscopy in the gas phase Aaron Calvin, Scott Eirman, Zeyun Peng, Merrell Brzeczek,  Lincoln Satterthwaite, Dave Patterson. Nature, June 28, 2023. First spectrum ever taken of a single gas phase polyatomic molecule.

Assignment-free chirality detection in unknown samples via microwave three-wave mixing Greta Koumarianou, Irene Wang, Lincoln Satterthwaite, Dave Patterson. Communications Chemistry. March 14, 2022. A method is presented to realize broadband chirally sensitive microwave spectroscopy.

Sub-Hz Differential Rotational Spectroscopy of Enantiomers Lincoln Satterthwaite, Greta Koumarianou, Daniel Sorensen, Dave Patterson. Symmetry December 27 2021. The most precise absolute frequency measurement between two enantiomers of the same chiral molecule was reported using microwave spectroscopy.

Automated, context-free assignment of asymmetric rotor microwave spectra. Lia Yeh, Lincoln Satterthwaite, David Patterson. 31 May 2019. An algorithm is presented which can assign a majority of the spectra given to it without any prior assumptions about the values of the rotational constants.

High sensitivity microwave spectroscopy in a cryogenic buffer gas cell Jessica P. Porterfield, Lincoln Satterthwaite, Sandra Eibenberger, David Patterson, Michael C. McCarthy. RSI 07 May 2019. An overview of the instrument that takes all of the rotational spectra that come out of the Patterson group.

Enantiomeric Analysis of Chiral Isotopomers via Microwave Three-Wave Mixing Lincoln Satterthwaite, Cristobal Perez, Amanda L Steber, Dylan Finestone, Robert L Broadrup, David Patterson. JPCA 18 March 2019. Detection of molecules only chiral by virtue of isotopic substitution using the previously established microwave three-wave mixing technique.

Method for preparation and readout of polyatomic molecules in single quantum states, David Patterson. PRA 6 March 2018. Theory is presented for state readout of a polyatomic molecule via sympathetic cooling and coupling of the rotational states of the polyatomic to the motional state of the atomic ion.

Enantiomer-Specific State Transfer of Chiral Molecules, Sandra Eibenberger, John Doyle, and David Patterson. PRL 21 March,2017.  We demonstrate a new method to produce state-selective enantiomeric excess using microwave-driven coherent population transfer. The method selectively promotes either R- or S- molecules to a higher rotational state by phase-controlled microwave pulses that drive electric-dipole allowed rotational transitions.

Continuous probing of cold complex molecules with infrared frequency comb spectroscopy.  In collaboration with the Ye group at JILA, we apply state of the art cavity-enhanced infrared comb absorbtion spectroscopy to buffer gas cooled molecules as large as adamantane. Nature 2016.

Automated Microwave Double Resonance Spectroscopy: A Tool to Identify and Characterize Chemical Compounds Marie-Aline Martin-Drumel, Michael C. McCarthy, David Patterson,Brett A. McGuire, and Kyle N. Crabtree, 2016. Assignment of complex microwave spectra remains a challenge that requires expert, human guidance.  Here we present new tools to use 2-dimenstional microwave spectroscopy to enable nearly fully automated spectral assignment.

Novel Applications of Buffer-gas Cooling to Cold Atoms, Diatomic Molecules, and Large Molecules. Garrett Drayna, PhD Thesis. Harvard University, 2016.

Direct Time-domain Observation of Conformational Relaxation in Gas-phase Cold Collisions, G. K. Drayna, C. Hallas, K. Wang, S. R. Domingos, S. Eibenberger, John M. Doyle, and D. Patterson. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 55, 4957, 2016.  We observe conformers of 1,2-propanediol relaxing over several milliseconds.  This both provides insight into molecular dynamics, and paves the way to use buffer gas cells as extremely inert cryogenic chemical benches.

Cooling, Spectroscopy and Non-Sticking of trans-Stilbene and Nile Red, Julia Piskorski, David Patterson, Sandra Eibenberger, and John M. Doyle, ChemPhysChem, 2014.  This represents both the largest and floppiest molecules every buffer gas cooled.

Sensitive Chiral Analysis via Microwave Three-Wave Mixing, David Patterson and John Doyle, Physical Review Letters, 2013.  The first demonstration of our new method for chiral detection using microwave spectroscopy

Enantiomer-specific Detection of Chiral molecules via Microwave Spectroscopy, David Patterson, Melanie Schnell, and John Doyle, Nature, 2013.  The first chiral detection using microwaves.